BigIP F5 LTM Copying Configuration to another volume

When upgrading an F5 you use different Volumes and when doing this configuration can be lost this shows you how to copy the configuration to the upgrading volume. You can use the cpcfg utility to copy the running configuration from one installation location to another. This is a quick way to update an offline location to the latest configuration, and is useful when applying hotfixes, where the configuration and license are not applied to the target.

The operation replaces the configuration on the target. The destination for the copy operation must represent an installation location that is not currently active, and that contains a configuration older than the source.

To copy the running configuration
# On the source, log on to the command line using an account with administrative permissions.
# Type the following command:

If you do not specify a source, the operation uses the configuration from the active installation location. For example, to copy the active configuration from HD1.3 to HD1.1, if you are logged on to HD1.3, you run the following command: