what is hlim in icmpv6 packet

Very trival question but it was something I was looking around for about the term hlim definition is in an IPv6 ICMP packet such as the below:

hlim: Hop Limit, Number of hops until the packet gets discarded and is the equivalent of TTL in IPv4.

IPv6 packet

IPv6 packet

IPv6 Packet Header Details

  • Version (4 bits): IP version. Always 6.
  • Traffic class (8 bits): Used for QoS. Like the TOS field in IPv4. RFC 2474.
  • Flow label (20 bits): Used for packet labelling, End-to-end QoS. RFC 6437.
  • Payload length (16 bits): Length of the payload following the header in bytes. Limits packet size to 64 KB.
  • Next header (8 bits): Code for the following extension header or UL protocol. Like protocol type field in IPv4.
  • Hop limit (8 bits): Number of hops until the packet gets discarded. TTL in IPv4.
  • Source address (128 bit): IPv6 source address.
  • Destination address (128 bits): IPv6 destination address.