Backup Avocent ACS6000 using RANCID

There are several ways to backup an Avocent ACS6000, I will be going through one way which is using RANCID as that is our preferred method of backing up our config, we added the below commands to: avologin in the rancid bin dir.

Restoring the config is as easy as copying the config in using cli

Linux 2 NIC with different networks routing problem

We ran out of host addresses in network therefore needed to add additional IP space on our avocent console switch. We have two NICs (eth0 and eth1) on the server which and have an ip from a different subnet assigned which was non-contiguous IP space, therefore it was a different network So in this scenario my team had configured the VLAN with an additional IP address on the Juniper EX switch, as each NIC was connected to the same switch and VLAN:

So now the issue was that we were unable to reach the address which was configured on the avocent (linux server) therefore on NIC1:

As we know having 2 static default gateways on the server isn’t going to go down well, the reason we were not able to get through to the address, was due to the static default route sending us through eth0, therefore we followed this guide:

and made the following change:

having done that it resolved our issues yay!!