example: 1677687402.36895.0000

Yay! Decoded some stuff

ip address: {{decodedData.data.ip}}
port: {{decodedData.data.port}}
cookie code: {{cookie_data}}

Nay 🙁 something upset me

{{errorData.data.error}} for request with {{cookie_data}}

The F5 Online cookie decode tool allows you to decode F5 cookie online and is based on the python script written on this post: https://penturalabs.wordpress.com/2011/03/29/how-to-decode-big-ip-f5-persistence-cookie-values/ which decodes the code from the BIGIP cookie value given, you can get the cookie value as such:

I have also opened up this code in github which has the code, and also you can decode the f5 cookie via curl as below:

Links for more information about BIGIP Cookie Persistence