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ssh public key logging fails to work on centos

after doing a ssh-copy-id to a server I am still unable to logon to the server the following did fix this on the destination server:

First play with Arista API Python

so was testing the arista API with the following code:

It spat out the following error:

to fix this you can do the following:

Backup Avocent ACS6000 using RANCID

There are several ways to backup an Avocent ACS6000, I will be going through one way which is using RANCID as that is our preferred method of backing up our config, we added the below commands to: avologin in the rancid bin dir.

Restoring the config is as easy as copying the config in […]

ldapsearch with openldap

So I was recently working with openldap to provide a developer details for an application ability to provide different levels of auth based on the group, the below helped me achieve this and some things I ran into: ldap_bind: Confidentiality required (13) We have ldaps setup with SSL, when you setup ldaps with private certificates […]

cisco acs command-line linux shell

So how does one drop to the linux shell on the Cisco ACS, recently I needed to get to the Cisco ACS Linux shell to change some permissions due to the fact we were hitting the following bug: ACS – new configuration of RSA authentication would not take effect CSCur93568 Description Symptom: ACS cannot apply […]

macosx install openconnect with libstoken support

Install openconnect with libstoken support Prerequisites

Configure, Make, Install Openconnect with libstoken support The below will install openconnect with libstoken support: you can download the latest package for openconnect here: http://www.infradead.org/openconnect/download.html

Using OpenConnect with stoken support Import your token Import your RSA token provisioning string, URL, or file with one of:


Commands useful for a networking engineer

Useful commands that I have put together which have helped me during my career as a network engineer. nmap ping scan with formatted results sudo nmap -sP -oG – using SED to find and replace from all files in directory go into the directory where the files are and run the below: sed -i […]

port-mirroring juniper srx with routing-instance

So recently was working on setting up port-mirroring on a juniper srx 240, configured as I thought it should be with the below config:

configured the above and committed the config no issues when i went to check the status saw the following:

I did the above in the default routing-instance and it […]

vpnc-script returned error 1 resolv.conf mac osx

Recently on my MAC OSX i rebooted and when I tried to start my vpn using vpnc i got the following error:

Which basically rendered the vpnc-script useless in order to resolve this you need to do the below:

then try starting the VPN again, hopefully should fix this, any issues please comment.

Linux 2 NIC with different networks routing problem

We ran out of host addresses in network therefore needed to add additional IP space on our avocent console switch. We have two NICs (eth0 and eth1) on the server which and have an ip from a different subnet assigned which was non-contiguous IP space, therefore it was a different network So in […]