Freeup memory on cisco 6500 router with full BGP route tables

In the olden days, we had to have the soft-reconfig setting on our BGP sessions to accept route updates without reloading the entire BGP table.

This takes up a lot of memory, especially when you have 3 ISP;s connecting with full BGP Tables, In these times where the Internet route table is ~488,000 routes and we accept full tables from multiple providers, we can’t afford the memory usage – and we don’t have to!

Today’s Internet providers support a better idea, route-refresh, effectively doing the same thing without the negative. This feature provides a soft reset mechanism that allows the dynamic exchange of route refresh requests and routing information between BGP peers and the subsequent re-advertisement of the outbound or inbound routing table.

is route-refresh supported on cisco 6500

is route-refresh supported on juniper device

According to the above it sure is supported in fact most devices enable and support this, so if you are memory concoius and you can afford to be without soft-reconfig then route-refresh is sufficient enough. On the 6500 device you will not see the memory free up until the router is rebooted.

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