enable Netflow top-talkers on a cisco ios

How to enable Netflow top-talkers on a cisco ios device, This is a short article on the NetFlow “top-talkers” CLI feature. NetFlow is a tool for monitoring traffic flows, it’s particularly handy when you’€™re trying to find out what host or protocol is saturating a network. The CLI method can be really helpful if you’re looking for something quickly. Here’€™s the config:

Config from my outside interface.

I’ve enabled NetFlow with the “ip flow” commands.

Here’s how to enable the “top-talkers” feature at the CLI.

Pretty simple, we’ve set how many flows to show, then we can sort by bytes or packets, finally we set our timeout (in milliseconds).

Now we’€™ll look at the show command:


if you’re getting the following error when doing a “sho ip flow top-talkers”:

This would be because you have not issued the ip flow egress/ingress on an interface.

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